Wildwood’s most frequently utilized event spaces are the elegant North and South Lobbies. The outer
walls of the Lucy Lockett Cabe Festival Theatre complex are constructed of floor-to-ceiling glass, which comprise
half the wall space of each of the North and South Lobby venues. This feature enhances the
expansiveness of the two already specious rooms and invites our gorgeous outdoors into your event.

Receptions, exhibits, ceremonies, memorials, festivals, recitals, memorable meetings and holiday parties
are frequent uses. With each Lobby, rented separately or together, the entrance Main Lobby is included,
as well as potential seating along the 8’ covered walkway outside the glass walls and beyond the walkway are grassy
areas appropriate for additional usage. Each Lobby has permanent twinkle lights strung along ceilings
and walls, for a playful twist. Square footage is approximately the same, but the floor plan differs

Contact Beverly Stang at rentals@wildwoodpark.org or 501.821.7275, with questions and to schedule a site visit.