Art in the Park Artist Interview: Brianna Mann

How do you describe the subject matter of your work?

Youthful and in tune with modern pop culture to an extent.

What mediums do you work with?

I try and vary my mediums, but pen and ink are my favorite.

What are you presently inspired by – are there particular things you are reading, listening to or looking at to fuel your work?

I’m inspired by everything around me – from conversations I have with my peers to something I watched on TV.

What do you hope your work will accomplish? How do you want people to be affected?

I hope my work conveys deeper social and political meaning than the sheer aesthetic of it all.

Besides your art practice, are you involved in any other kind of work? What are your hopes for life after Art Connection?

I hope to attend Savannah College of Art and Design and get a degree in Art and Business.

How has working with Art Connection affected your art?

It has made me a stronger and more creative artist.

How would you describe a “successful artist”?

All art is successful in its own way, and therefore so are all artists. One doesn’t need fame to achieve that.

Are there any artists you look to for inspiration?

I am inspired by artists in passing, but none in particular.

Do you have a motto you live by?

Try everything once. Better to live with an open mind than a closed one.BriannaMannPoppyMcCoy_2