Art in the Park: An Interview with Artist Lisa Krannichfeld

Meet Lisa Krannichfeld, exhibiting artist featured in Symbiotic: Art, Nature & Spirituality April 2 – May 10


How do you describe your subject matter or the content of your work?

My focus is mostly on women. I find them to be so complex, playing so many roles throughout their lives.  The women I paint aren’t necessarily specific people but rather specimens of emotions that relate to viewers in different ways based on their own life experiences. Putting the emphasis on the emotional expression in my work is also kind of therapeutic for me, since I’m such a naturally reserved person. 

What mediums do you work with?

Currently, Chinese ink, watercolor, and resin are my main mediums of choice, although I love trying to mix new materials in when I can.

Besides your art practice, are you involved in any other kind of work?

I teach art full time in addition to making my own art. Sometimes it fuels me, and sometimes it just wears me out! 


What are you presently inspired by— are there particular things you are reading, listening to or looking at to fuel your work?

I find the most inspiration from my failures, ironically. The process of trying something and failing at it is the best way to find new doors to walk through.  

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